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flow with glo

we bend so we don't break


about glo...

Intrigued with the practice, glo was introduced to yoga several years ago and has been teaching for 5+ years. She started practicing with the intent to get fit, but a few months into it, she realized that yoga wasn’t about getting a work out...but more of a work "IN."  Yoga became more about developing a powerful, personal relationship between the body and mind and finding strength from within.

glo sees yoga as a practice for life...reminding students that we are put into these challenging poses because life challenges us and it's how we respond that matters.

Living a more balanced, peaceful life, glo developed a fascination for the impact that yoga has had on her. As a result, glo joined the 200 Hour Teacher Training Program in 2014 led by Trevor Throop, and has been teaching ever since.

glo believes in taking the self-awareness aspect yoga helps cultivate and interweaving it beyond the mat. Offering a high energy, lively, alignment-based creatively sequenced vinyasa flow, glo’s classes are just as challenging as they are fun and light-hearted.

Glass of Milk


wed 6:45-7:45pm- yoga @Hyperion Health Club (Disney Lot)

fri 6:45-7:45am- yoga @Hyperion Health Club (Disney Lot)

sun 5:00-6:15pm- yoga @The Barboza Method

private one-on-ones- email me to inquire!


private lessons

whether you're new to yoga or want to deepen your practice, i offer private, one-one-one lessons that can be done in the comfort of your own home, office or my home in hollywood.

we can set goals and tailor the practice to suit your body and needs. contact me for more information.


"yoga, to me, is a practice of life. we put ourselves in these challenging poses in our practice to see if we can breath through them. these challenging poses mirror challenging events in life and our reactions to them. It’s easy to get frustrated and want to give up, but it’s also important to remember that if you own your own breath, nothing can steal your peace. this is the core of my teachings. I started my practice with the intention of wanting to lose weight- years later , my practice has transformed into the natural intent of what yoga stands for (according to patanjali in the yoga sutras): 'to calm all the fluctuations and disturbances of the mind.' once that happens, everything else tends to fall into place."


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